About the Connect More Project: 

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The Connect More Project came to Wendy as a vision that she should produce a video about people in the workplace…and she will tell you this is crazy because she doesn’t produce videos!  This idea came as she was reflecting back on her time in Silicon Valley and how she had experienced some truly horrific events in her life while at work and a lot of her coworkers were completely unaware of her struggles.  She realized that she hadn’t really tried to connect with her coworkers in real, authentic ways and build enough trust to let them into her world so when things were falling apart around her, she did not have the support that she would have had if she were closer to her coworkers.  She began to wonder if her coworkers had any idea of the trauma that was happening in her world, would they treat her differently?  Would they reach out and help her more?  Would they be less likely to judge her based on her actions, like leaving work early when her family needed her there?

In starting to work on this project, Wendy reached out to her friend Romeo in the hopes that he could give her a recommendation for someone trustworthy to work with since she didn’t know anything about this video production stuff and Romeo had gone to UCLA film school. She told Romeo the idea of filming a video showing people in a corporate setting with hover text of what was really going on in their world while they were going about their daily tasks at work.  Romeo was immediately interested in the idea, and they brainstormed other ways that people could Connect More.  This seemed like a video that needed to be produced, especially with people walking around sheltering themselves and not truly connecting with those around them.

They quickly set about creating a script, getting actors and a filming location.  The video was shot on Sunday, September 15th and was released to the  public on Tuesday, November 5th.  It is our hope that you will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.  It is also our hope that this video will stir in you the desire to really CONNECT with those around you. There’s no time like the present to reach out and CONNECT MORE!


About Wendy: 

wb pink jacketWendy Burruel is a Silicon Valley veteran with over 18 years of experience in the Technology sector. She blends her hands-on business acumen with her Masters-level education in Psychology to create transformational programs and seminars for both Fortune 500 companies and individuals alike.

A spokesperson and advocate for all women in technology, Wendy has been involved in events such as Girl Geek Dinners and has been profiled on shows like Focus Forward, discussing the unique challenges women face in a male-dominated industry, while explaining the route to success in spite of them.

She is a visionary, best known for identifying and resolving problems in a particular area of business by developing a plan for streamlining processes, while driving both individuals and teams to achieve the success that they desire. She has spent the last several years making companies better for women, new college grads and new engineers. In life and in work, she has a passion for leaving things better than how she found them.

A lifelong and active mentor, she gives back to those just starting out in their careers by helping them understand the ways of business and providing tools for success. She guides women in technology to find advocates, mentors and mastermind groups of their own in order to heighten the level of personal and business success they achieve.

Wendy can be reached on her website: http://sagebusinessconsultants.com/

About Romeo: 

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Romeo Marquez Jr. is a sought-after international speaker, trainer, and coach who empowers the “Now Generation” to maximize their potential so they live life with purpose and passion. He has delivered more than a 1,000 speeches, performances, and presentations to over 200,000 audience members worldwide, covering topics of Leadership, Motivation, Prevention, Public Speaker, Online Video, and the Success Principles. From speaking on the TEDx platform in India to engaging student leaders in Alabama to performing his inspirational one-man show, “It’s Time,” in Las Vegas and New York, Romeo’s diverse talent to combine humor, authenticity, and enthusiasm with a mission to making a positive difference has made him a favorite among many organizations and schools.

 Romeo earned his B.A Degree from UCLA’s Theatre, Film & Television school, a program ranked as one of the top entertainment and performing arts institutions in the world, and has trained with an elite group of global success leaders personally invited by Jack Canfield (best-selling author and co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series). As a professor for theatre, film, and television, video coach, and public speaking coach, Romeo helps aspiring actors, speakers, trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, and sales teams to captivate their audiences from the stage to the power of online video.
Romeo is a member of the Screen Actors Guild as well as the National Speakers Association and recently served as a workshop leader with one of the world’s leading youth programs, Challenge Day. As an actor and Hollywood acting coach, Romeo has worked with notable names such as Actor/Comedian Jim Carrey, Oscar-Winner Anthony Hopkins, and Grammy award-winning group the Black Eyed Peas. His coaching clients have worked on television shows with major productions such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and various commercials.
Beyond the accomplishments and impact he has created around the world, what is most important to Romeo is his family. It is the relationship he has with them that grounds him to live, laugh, and love. They remind him to be of service for others, to do things differently, and to love all people.
“Imagine your life, then live your imagination,” Romeo likes to say….because “It’s Time.” =^)
Romeo can be contacted on his website: http://romeomarquezjr.com